Here are the different ways I can be contacted:

Smoketown Elementary phone number: 394-0555 extension 3107
I have voice mail so you can leave a message. I will try to address the call as soon as possible.

If you are calling for a change in end of the day pickup.... please do not leave a message on my voice mail. I usually check it in the AM not during the school day.

My school email is I do check my email if I am in the building.

My email can be reached by the Conestoga Valley website as well.

You may also use good old fashion notes as communication. If writing a note, please let your child know there is a note for me. Many times your child doesn't know and never indicates that there is a note in the backpack. I ask each morning for your child to check their take home folders for notes. The paper in the take home folder is a terrific place to write a note that your child can see and show me:)