Reading ​

Our reading Program is Scott Foresman Reading Street. Your child will receive instruction on their grade level in a whole group situation. Mr. Kerchner teaches whole group first graders and I teach whole group second graders.
Instruction on your child's reading level will be during small group. This group may be instructed by myself, Mr. Kerchner, or a reading aide. We constantly are reassessing and reorganizing these groups, so the instructor may change.

Your child will bring home books both from the reading series and my classroom library. I encourage that all books/stories from the reading program are reread at home. This is for your child to build fluency, which they are assessed on throughout the year.

There are a few types of reading books from the program. All of the following stories are read with your child before the story comes home.

1~ A decodable paper copied book. This story is written using the phonics skill for the story that week. The skills are listed on the front of the story. To some students it is a very easy read.


2~ A one page copied story with NO PICTURES; is an advance reading level decodable story. Some of these stories are very advance; but we do lots of prep work with discussing the topics and background information and sometimes pictures to build on that information. THIS MAY BE KEPT AT HOME!

3~ The Leveled reading books are small paperback books designed for guided reading instruction at below, on level, or advance reading levels. THESE BOOKS MUST COME BACK THE FOLLOWING DAY! I depend on those books for instruction for at least 2 days if not more.

PLEASE make sure the books go in the backpack after being read so they return to school the next day.

Leveled Books look like this