Smoketown has a School Wide Behavior Plan.
We have 3 Rules:

Be Respectful

Be Safe

Be Responsible

Within the Multiage Classrooms, we have a very simple behavior plan that is based on these 3 rules. All students begin each day on green. If a student is working on breaking any of these rules, the child will move his/her card to yellow. This is a warning that the behavior needs to change or the consequence will be a red card.
The red card = a red card notice sent home and the child's name goes into the Bee Book.
The Bee Book is where the class is given points( 3 if all rules are followed) for class homeroom, playground, and special's classroom( art, music,library, and phys. ed) behavior. The points are totaled by the day and cycle. I also try to keep a running tally of the points for the year. The students can earn points toward special rewards.

The cafeteria also has BUCKY AWARDS that are given to students from the cafeteria workers. Ask your child about the Bucky Awards.

We also have Character Education Traits which are monthly traits in which your child is reminded of during morning announcements. We then award students monthly for using these traits. I'll place the monthly traits on here when the calendar is finalized.